Best Motorcycle Helmet Brands You Can Find in the Market in 2024

Best Motorcycle Helmet Brands

The most critical motorcycle gear you will ever buy is a helmet that ensures your safety. It might be the most expensive purchase compared to the gloves and other motorbike stuff. Irrespective of the motorbike you are driving, the best motorcycle helmet brands should offer 99% protection and comfort while studded with all the updated features and technologies. 

The number of helmet brands is increasing with advancements in the tech world. People have a number of options in choosing their favorite helmet depending on their required preferences. Selecting the best helmet is confusing because of the non-availability of short-listed best brands on the internet. 

We have selected the ten best helmet brands to help you choose your favorite. The topmost brands are Arai and Shoei, known for their premium quality. Several other brands have emerged over time, giving the riders a plethora of options. The following article aims at giving an overview of each brand to help customers choose their safety gear.


The first in line to discuss is the Arai helmet brand. Arai makes great helmets considering all the modern features and updated technologies. From the very start, Arai has introduced phenomenally strong shells tested and approved by Snell in America. Arai has also earned the status as one of the top-rated full face motorcycle helmets due to its premium quality components and enhanced reliability.

Along with a robust exterior shell, Arai has introduced thick EPS interior liners for absorbing the impact force. Their helmets are usually bigger and thicker in contrast to helmets of other brands. It is a perfect substitute for professional as well as street racers. It gives you that extra girth with a weight of a few extra pounds. 

Another feature that is specifically installed for racing is increased ventilation. Racing is all about excessive heat and sweating; that’s why we need proper ventilation for comfortable drives. This is what Arais focuses on, enhanced ventilation by employing multiple vents. Due to the multiple vents present in Arai’s helmet, it can be noisier as compared to other helmets.


Shoei is known in the market for producing well-built, expensive, and sturdy helmets having all the required features that make it one of the best helmet brands. Their helmets have always been ranked above 4.1 in the testing safety standards carried out yearly by SHARP. Not only Shoei is known for providing the best safety-rated motorcycle helmet in the market but also shines as one of the most sturdy helmets packed with amazing features.

Best Motorcycle Helmet Brands

Shoei has established its name in the prominent names of handmade manufacturing companies. Each helmet is handmade-created by employing 50 people at a time. Shoei uses the latest technology and updated features in making their helmets. It focuses on consumer feedback, modern techs, high-quality materials, and sixty years of experience in making helmets.

Shoei is famous for making outstanding full-face helmets, which provide protection to the head, face, and neck. Shoei’s helmets are used by most of the renowned names in the racing field because of their sturdy exterior and enhanced protection by absorbing impact force. 


Caberg helmet brand was the first Italian company that introduced a flip-up helmet and holds a second position worldwide. It was the first brand to introduce the innovative modular form of a helmet with updated technologies. 

Caberg helmets have scored above 4 in the tests regarding safety standards. It has excellent performance on long drives because of its lightweight feature. Caberg features full-face helmets with polycarbonate shells. However, it also makes high-end helmets made of high-quality carbon fiber and composite fiberglass. 

It comes with updated features such as roof guards, a pin lock system, dual visors, an EPS liner, and multiple vents. One of the main distinguishing features of the Caberg helmet is that it comes with affordable price tags. Anyone can easily afford a lightweight motorbike helmet offered by Caberg without exceeding their budget.  


Shark is a French helmet brand with an average testing score of 4, which is highly commendable, considering its work over the past 25 years. Flip-up helmets have become the specialty of the Shark in the last few years. It features a dual modular system with chin bars that flip at the back, adding additional safety to the helmet. 

Shark is specifically known for producing sportbike helmets with innovative features such as LEDs for enhanced style and excellent value for money. It focuses on customer reviews and adds additional features every year for better sales and productivity.

Shark helmets are reliable, durable, and highly comfortable due to their lightweight. It puts little or no additional pressure on the neck, making your ride interesting and highly comfortable. Moreover. The helmet’s exterior is made of an aerodynamic shell that excessively minimizes the noise from wind. It is a lot more stable, quieter, and stylish.


HJC is a South Korean company, producing helmets since 1971. It became one of the best helmet brands in America for its high-quality material construction, innovative features, and advanced technologies. It specifically focuses on making their helmets light and comfortable in order to provide a fear-free adventurous ride.

HJC has an average rating of 3 in the safety testing services carried out by Sharp. Their new C70 polycarbonate safety lid feature has a five-star rating for giving 99% protection to the biker. Most renowned bikers around the world are using the helmets of HJC because of their high-quality and budget prices. HJC is the choice of many as it’s considered among the best affordable motorcycle helmet.

HJC has a range of different helmets that serve different purposes. For instance, HJC has the best touring helmets, exquisite style, and exciting colors. Moreover. HJC helmets are highly durable. They will last you for quite a few years, irrespective of your usage. 


AGV is an Italian company that started manufacturing helmets in 1947. They are highly famous for making high-end helmets nationwide. The brand has a great reputation with a 4 to 5-star review from SHARP safety standards.

They make full-face carbon fiber, composite, and lower-priced thermoplastic composite helmets. AGV also has flip-up modular helmets for lean-forward bikes. Moreover, AGV helmets come in different styles and colors with a sporty finish. 

AGV provides high-safety helmets for different racing motorbikes. They can easily cut through the air, delivering a noise-free experience. It offers a perfect aerodynamic experience, providing stability and comfort at an affordable price.


LS2 is a Chinese helmet manufacturing brand that started making helmets in 1990. It has a variety of different models ranging from flip-up modular helmets. LS2 features all the modern characteristics in their helmets, from pin-lock, sun visors, and twin windshields. 

LS2 employs high-quality materials in making their helmets, for instance, carbon fiber, advanced composites, and polycarbonate exterior shells. It is the best option for long rides, racing competitions, and professional bikers.

It comes with a considerable warranty of 3-5 years and provides smooth customer service. They have the cheapest helmets on the market. So, if you are looking for an excessively low-priced helmet, you should definitely give it a chance.


Bell is a US-based manufacturing helmet brand that started making helmets in 1968. It is famous for creating high-safety helmets with affordable price tags. Bell is famous for its best crash and retro helmets throughout the world. It has an outlook of a street bike helmet, is best for adventures, and provides full-face protection. It is best known for its lightweight helmets, which are highly comfortable and easy to wear for extended hours.

Best Motorcycle Helmet Brands

Further, Bell helmets are used by many professional sports bikers because of their high safety ratio. It has a robust exterior that absorbs high-impact force in case of an accident. These helmets are highly durable, along with an affordable price range.


It has been a German helmet manufacturing company for quite a long time. Schuberth is famous for its high-end safety claims among most people, but it also makes safety helmets for the likes of police and firefighting

They produce reliable, durable, and lightweight helmets to serve the purpose of safety and comfort. Schuberth provides a minimum of a 5-year warranty with comfortable crash helmets. It has all the modern required features ranging from anti-fog, dual sun visors, and many more.

These helmets are built with high-quality materials, such as polycarbonate glasses, thermoplastics wind visors, and twin shield visors. All of these features are composed of a robust aerodynamic exterior shell. 


Airoh is a helmet manufacturing brand from Italy. Initially, they were making helmets for other brands, but in 1997, they started their own brand with the name of Airoh. It provides helmets worldwide and is used by competitive bikers in worldwide competitions.

The brand is famous for making on and off-road helmets, providing safety and innovative features that make the ride interesting. It comes with all the modern features, such as noise reduction aerodynamic shell and UV-protected visors, ensuring safety and style.

Airoh features a sliding net system with ASN, a 3-D fabric that eradicates the impact force during an accident. It also provides high ventilation while delivering comport in challenging riding conditions.


Prevention is mandatory if you want to avoid serious injuries in the case of bike racing. To ensure safety, we need a high-quality helmet that provides safety along with comfort. The market is filled with numerous helmet-manufacturing brands. It is confusing where to choose from, keeping the scamming companies in mind.
That’s why we have come up with 10 helmet brands that are reputable enough, to ensure safety and durability. All you are required to do is read the blog while considering your preferences. You can compare your requirements with the features these different helmets offer, and select the next best helmet of your life.

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