10 Best Modular Helmet Under $200 | Options Reviewed 2024

Best Modular Helmet Under $200

Helmets are as essential in riding as much as food is essential for the survival of human beings. Because without a proper helmet, you will injure yourself badly. According to a report, there are 70% chance of severe damage to your head if you do not wear a proper helmet.

Although almost all helmets are made to safeguard and secure body parts, certain helmets are safest than others. This safety is due to their construction and designs. Most helmets made of polycarbonate, corban fibers, or any other suitable material will increase the durability and safety of the rider’s head.

Most helmets focus on the safety of the forehead because it is more venerable during an accident. A person can ride comfortably and safely if the head is secure and safe. In the following article, we will look into different helmets and see which helmet is safer, cooler, and more secure than others.

The article will show you the features, designs, prices, styles, systems, warranties, and safety ratings of different helmets. Thoroughly examine all these helmets and select the one that suits you better. However, it should be noted that the article will mainly focus on the Top Safety Rated Motorcycle Helmets.

Top Best Winter Motorcycle Helmets Comparison Table

11STORM Motorcycle Helmet1STORM Motorcycle Helmet
2Shoei RF-1400 HelmetShoei RF-1400 Helmet
3Shoei RF-SR HelmetShoei RF-SR Helmet
4Ski-Doo 2021 Oxygen HelmetSki-Doo 2021 Oxygen Helmet
5ILM Integrated Modular HelmetILM Integrated Modular Helmet
6ILM Flip-up HelmetILM Flip-up Helmet
7Bell Qualifier Unisex-Adult Full Face Street HelmetBell Qualifier Street Helmet
8Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet FreedConn BM12 DOT Full Face Bluetooth Helmets Motorcycle Dual Visor Helmet with Integrated Intercom System/ 2~3 Riders Pair/ 500M/ FM/Voice Dial (Black & White, L)FreedConn BM12 Full Face Helmet
9ScorpionEXO EXO-ST1400 Carbon Helmet (Black - Medium)ScorpionEXO Carbon Helmet

1. Sena Outrush Modular helmet – Best Modular Helmet With Bluetooth Under $200

Sena Outrush Modular helmet - Best Modular Helmet With Bluetooth Under $200

Sena Outrush Modular helmet is one of the best Bluetooth helmets that one can buy for under $200. Many people want to buy a helmet that fits their budget. Hence, they not only look for quality but also affordability.

Sena Outrush Modular helmet is the best alternative for them. This Bluetooth helmet is available in Gloss White and Matte Black hues. 

Composite Shell

Moreover, it has various outstanding features that make a person spellbound. Its exterior has a stiff composite shell that makes it durable and robust. On the contrary, it has a relatively soft and velvety interior.

It consists of multiple layers of EPS. This EPS layer will prevent a person from a head injury. Additionally, it has a retractable sun visor to provide more convenience. 

Jog-Dial System

It incorporates a glove-friendly jog-dial system. This system offers a user interface and allows a person to change the volume and other settings. Additionally, it acquires three-way ventilation to provide good aerodynamics.

This 3.8 pounds helmet has also gained approval from DOT. 

Bluetooth Intercom

One of the most exciting features of the Sena Outrush Modular helmet is its Bluetooth Intercom. This Bluetooth availability helps a rider access his phone calls or listen to music. Moreover, it provides a 15 hours talk time.

This way, you can listen to music, GPS, or attend calls without trouble. Hence, you can no longer face any inconvenience due to HD clarity.


  • Lightweight helmet
  • DOT approval
  • Bluetooth intercom for communication 
  • Outstanding design and style


  • Minimum noise reduction

2. ILM Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet – Best Intercom Modular Helmet Under $200

 ILM Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet - Best Intercom Modular Helmet Under $200

This modular intercom helmet is available in various colors, styles, and sizes. It is made from a quality ABS shell that makes it suitable for any adventure like hiking. Moreover, it aims to provide its users with a comfortable and secure journey.

Hence, it has gained DOT approval after passing all the security and safety tests. 

Bluetooth 3.0 Technology

ILM Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet incorporates Bluetooth of 3.0 technology. Its one-touch control system allows the rider to access the phone calls or navigation. Additionally, its intercom system allows 3 riders to connect simultaneously.

Talk Time

Moreover, 2 riders can connect and communicate through this intercom technology if they are at a distance of 500 meters. This Bluetooth system has a powerful battery. It offers 12 hours of phone talk and 8 hours of intercom talk time.

What makes it exciting is that the battery needs only half an hour to restore to its full strength. Hence, a person can avail of navigation control and FM radio while riding.

Additional Features

Additionally, the helmet includes some accessories. ILM Bluetooth Motorcycle Helmet comes with a USB cable, charger, 1 User manual, and 1 helmet bag. 

This helmet weighs 5.5 pounds and gives an easy fit. Moreover, it has a soft interior that protects the head from damage.


  • Bluetooth 3.0 technology
  • Intercom system for connecting 3 riders
  • Long talk time
  • Impressive style and design


  • Moderately heavy for the rider

3. TORC Uni-sex adult Bluetooth Helmet – Best Value For Money Modular Helmet

TORC Uni-sex adult Bluetooth Helmet - Best Value For Money Modular Helmet

This motorcycle helmet is a full-face helmet. Moreover, it is integrated with Bluetooth technology to have access to phone calls while riding. This Bluetooth also enables a rider to listen to music to calm his nerves.

All those graphics and styling make it a Uni-sex helmet. Hence, anyone can wear this stylish helmet. 

Built-In Spoiler

It has a Build-in-Spoiler to get rid of wind buffeting. It also improves stability at various speed levels. TORC Uni-sex adult Bluetooth Helmet has a trendy style that makes it fit for car racing.

This helmet also houses many breathing inlets and exhausts. This characteristic provides superior ventilation for the rider. Hence, a rider can no longer suffocate due to its vents. 

Scratch Free Shield

This best-value-for-money modular helmet has a scratch-free shield. Moreover, the shield also prevents fogging or mist accumulation. This way, a rider can have clear vision even during foggy nights.

This shield is also removable if the rider is feeling any inconvenience. Moreover, these drop-down sun visors will prevent extra glare and shine. 

Bluetooth Technology

TORC Uni-sex adult Bluetooth Helmet has built-in Bluetooth technology. This feature allows you to communicate with friends and family while you are away for a ride.

Moreover, you can easily track your position by GPS navigation. This helmet has a unique feature that it has a washable inner liner. This breathable liner will absorb moisture. 


  • Scratch-free shield
  • Drop-down visors
  • DOT approved
  • Bluetooth technology
  • 24 hours talk time


  • Inefficient in reducing external noise

4. LS2 Horizon Modular Helmet – Best Overall Modular Helmet For The Price 

LS2 Horizon Modular Helmet - Best Overall Modular Helmet For The Price 

LS2 Horizon Modular Helmet has offered at an affordable price for consumers. This helmet is available in various colors and designs. Further, it has tempting graphics for helmet lovers.

During long journey hours, you feel uncomfortable due to excessive sweating. However, this helmet has a breathable and moist absorbing interior. 

Ventilation System

Moreover, it has additional vents to provide good ventilation to the rider. The chin vent provides an ample flow of air. This way, it also prevents fog accumulation on the shield.

Making of a helmet is very important and The Class A polycarbonate gives strength to this helmet’s face shield. Due to their gloves, riders cannot access the control set fully. However, the helmet has a glove-friendly control system. 

Sun Shield

It becomes uncomfortable for the rider to travel during scorching sunshine. LS2 Horizon Modular Helmet offers a reliable solution to this problem as it introduces a sun shield for extra protection.

As a result, it meets all the quality and safety standards of DOT, FMVSS 218, and ECE 22.05. It has a laser-cut chin pad for giving an extra fit. 

Comfortable Fit

LS2 Horizon Modular Helmet measures 12 x 12 x 15 inches and weighs 5 pounds. This standard measurement is ideal for many motorcycle riders. This Horizon helmet has many additional features that make it an ideal helmet. 


  • DOT, FMVSS 218, and ECE 22.05 approved
  • Adequate ventilation for the rider
  • Class A Polycarbonate face shield
  • Sun shield for protection against glaring


  • It can be heavy for many riders.

5. 1Storm Motorcycle Modular Helmet – Best Aerodynamic Modular Helmet

1Storm Motorcycle Modular Helmet - Best Aerodynamic Modular Helmet

This helmet is the best aerodynamic helmet. Many riders feel suffocation when they wear a helmet. Hence, they usually prefer those helmets which can provide adequate ventilation.

1Storm Motorcycle Modular Helmet is one of them, which houses vents for good airflow. 

Dual-Lens Design

1Storm Motorcycle Modular Helmet has a modern design with captivating colors. Moreover, it is the best match for car racing helmets. This helmet has a dual-lens design.

This way, one of the lenses is smoked while the outer lens is clear. Additionally, it has an advanced Bluetooth handset. The Bluetooth features allow riders to get connected. 

Bluetooth Integrated Technology

Bluetooth helmet facilitates 3 riders to communicate who are 800 meters apart. Additionally, it has a good battery time as it offers 10hrs phone call talk time and an additional 10 hrs intercom talk time.

This 3.0 technology can connect you to phone calls, FM radio, and even GPS navigation.

Aerodynamic Spoilers

1Storm Motorcycle Modular Helmet weighs 5 pounds and measures 15 x 11.3 x 11 inches.  Additionally, its aerodynamic spoilers enable a person to feel the fresh air. Therefore, he can no longer have a suffocating and uncomfortable ride.

1Storm Motorcycle Modular Helmets come in exclusive designs and shapes. This way, they are famous among riders. 


  • Affordable price
  • Aerodynamic modular helmet
  • Trendy design and style
  • Bluetooth 3.0 technology


  • The smoked lens can be troublesome

6. HJC C91 Helmet – Best Safest Modular Helmet Under $200

HJC C91 Helmet - Best Safest Modular Helmet Under $200

HJC C91 Helmet is one of the safest helmets. It has acquired the support of experts and professionals. This helmet comes in different classical colors.

Moreover, its stylish design and unique structure always appeal to riders. Since 1971, HJC has been running successfully in creating some of the most acceptable helmets. 


HJC C91 Helmet is of superior quality that is famous among riders. It delivers a comfortable journey and gives you a new experience. Its advanced Polycarbonate composite shell provides an optimum quality to this helmet series.

Additionally, it is durable and robust to tackle any challenging situation.

EPS Liner

On the other hand, it is filled with a comfortable EPS liner. It reduces the friction and magnitude of force during the collision. 

Ventilation System

HJC C91 Helmet has a sound ventilation system with multiple vents. It has a pinlock-ready HJ-17 visor. This way, through this technology, one can secure the visors.

This helmet weighs 5.39 pounds. Moreover, it measures 10 x 2 x 2.7 inches. 


  • Expanded Polystyrene 
  • Pinlock system
  • Polycarbonate Composite shell
  • Safest helmet


  • The Pinlock system can be tricky

7. Typhoon TH158 Modular Helmet – Best True To Size Modular Motorcycle Helmet

Typhoon TH158 Modular Helmet - Best True To Size Modular Motorcycle Helmet

This best modular helmet has received approval from DOT and FMVSS218. After significant trials, it is ready to shield its rider from any unanticipated situation.

It provides a swift opening and closing without any friction. Additionally, it has a tinted sun visor. However, the rider can retract it if he doesn’t need them. 


These helmets have a wide range of sizes. This way, you can choose the perfect size according to your head size. 

Heated Shield

Typhoon TH158 Modular Helmet has a heated shield. This shield will provide warmth if a rider is traveling during a snowfall. Moreover, it has a power cord for charging the helmet.

This cord also has an RCA connection. The shield has a double panel. Additionally, the shield is anti-fog and doesn’t allow fog to rest on its surface. 

Inner Linning

Typhoon TH158 Modular Helmet’s sleek design immediately grabs customers’ attention. The inner lining is smooth and comfortable. Moreover, this lining is removable and washable.

Hence, a rider can keep the interior clean and hygienic. Hence, this snowmobile helmet comes at an affordable price. 


  • Power cord with RCA connection
  • Heating shield
  • Adequate ventilation
  • Double panel visors


  • Poor temperature control of the heating shield 

8. Bell SRT Modular Helmet – Best Top Rated Modular Motorcycle Helmet Under $200

Bell SRT Modular Helmet - Best Top Rated Modular Motorcycle Helmet Under $200

Bell SRT Modular Helmet is the top-rated modular helmet. Multiple reasons have made it the top-rated helmet. The helmet has an exclusive shape and design. Moreover, it comes in a trendy color.

The Bell helmet has a flip-up style to provide convenience to riders. 

Composite Shell

Bell SRT Modular Helmet is sturdy and durable with fixed compartments. As a result, the visors and shields will not fall off their place while traveling. The most exciting part is the use of fiberglass composite shells.

Fiberglass is a durable material that offers excellent strength to the helmet. Moreover, the interior is removable. You can wash it to get rid of dirt and moisture. 

Scratch-Free Shield

Additionally, Bell SRT Modular helmet incorporates a shield with Class 1 optics. This material offers a scratch-free shield for clear vision. This top-rated modular motorcycle helmet allows you to acquire a different outlook.

You can be a trendy rider equipped with all the latest style statements. This way, you can bring a new perspective and vision. 

DOT Certified

Bell SRT Modular Helmet has gained approval from both DOT and FMVSS 218. Hence, it is entirely safe for the rider. It safeguards your head, face, and neck from injury.


  • Trendy and classical appearance
  • Removable interior
  • Class 1 optic shield
  • DOT and FMVSS218 approval


  • No Bluetooth connection

9. YEMA YM-926 Modular Helmet – Best Stylish Aerodynamic Modular Helmet 

YEMA YM-926 Modular Helmet - Best Stylish Aerodynamic Modular Helmet 

YEMA YM-926 Modular helmet acquires all the characteristics of a stylish helmet. It possesses the best design and structure.

Moreover, the high-quality finishing and graphics make it a stylish helmet. It is available in two contrasting colors. 

Dual-Lens Face Shield

This adult helmet has a dual-lens design. One lens is smoked while the other is crystal clear. Its Up Flip maneuver allows a person to shift the shield according to his convenience.

Aerodynamic Design

Additionally, its aerodynamic design allows a person to breathe fresh air while riding. It incorporates a Quick Release Strap for securing the helmet. 

The helmet’s formidable style and strength enable a person to wear it during adventure or hiking.

Noise Cancellation

Additionally, its streamlined design reduces wind noise. This way, it will provide quiet riding most of the time. 


  • DOT approval
  • Quick Release Strap
  • Removable and washable cheek pads
  • Significant reduction in noise


  • The narrow range of colors
  • XL- size doesn’t have dual visors

10. AHR Motorcycle Modular Helmet – Best Cheap Motorcycle Helmet Under $200

AHR Motorcycle Modular Helmet - Best Cheap Motorcycle Helmet Under $200

AHR Motorcycle Modular Helmet is the best-selling helmet at an affordable price range. This helmet meets all the security needs and requirements of DOT.

Moreover, the Flip Up design allows you to sniff fresh air while riding. This way, it provides a pleasant ride to its wearer. 

ABS Shell

The ABS shell and the thick-lined interior provide durability and strength to this helmet. Moreover, it houses double visors to prevent your eyes from intense glaring.

Noise Cancellation

It significantly reduces noise due to its streamlined aerodynamic design. Additionally, the cheek pads are removable and washable. 

Ventilation System

AHR Motorcycle Modular Helmet provides 6 vents for ample ventilation. This way, you can acquire adequate ventilation at an affordable cost.

Hence, its large vision and aerodynamic design make it one of the best-selling helmets. 


  • Flip Up function
  • UV-resistant inner visors
  • EPS liners
  • ABS shell


  • It can be heavy on the head

Best Modular Helmet Under $200 – Buyer’s Guide

Not every rider knows well about helmets. This way, they usually buy helmets at exorbitant prices.

Therefore, it is mandatory to have explicit knowledge of desirable characteristics before buying the best modular helmet under $200.

Building material

The helmet must have robust building material. Usually, fiberglass is the preferable choice. Moreover, look for its quality rather than just looking at the design and style. Hence, every buyer must investigate the building material. 

Many helmets are hard from the inside. It becomes inconvenient for riders to wear those stiff helmets. Therefore, make sure to acquire an EPS lining helmet. Its soft and foaming particles will deliver a comfortable ride. 


A motorcycle rider has to wear a helmet for a long time. Therefore, it should not bring any extra burden to his head and shoulder.

Hence, always ensure that the helmet is lightweight. Many experts suggest putting them on your head for a trial. 

Bluetooth technology

Many riders prefer helmets with Bluetooth technology. Mostly Bluetooth 3.0 technology is highly recommended.

Therefore, riders must have a Bluetooth helmet to access their phone calls, music, or GPS navigation. 


These best modular helmets come at an exciting price. Therefore, every motorcycle rider who wants to fetch helmets under his budget should select one of them. These helmets are not only affordable but carry exceptional features and characteristics.

This way, this precise Best modular helmet under $200 overview will get riders posted related to current trends and new additions. 

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