Bell Star DLX MIPS Helmet Review 2023 | Pros & Cons Included

Whether going on a ride for your daily chores or a race, or going for fun, you have to wear a helmet. Helmets are the ultimate protector of your head, nose, teeth, and cheeks. You would barely survive a severe accident without it. Almost all the countries in the world advise their people to wear helmets. In some states in the US, it is illegal to ride a bike without a helmet.

The severity of injuries decreases by 80% when you wear a helmet while riding. Foundations like SNELL, DOT, and ECE, approve helmets after evaluating, testing, and after different experiences with them. The Bell Star Dlx Mips helmet is the best one you can get among these helmets.

The following article will evaluate and provide detailed Bell Star Dlx Mips Helmet Review. We will discuss its features, how they work, how they are different from others, why you should buy it, and its design.

What makes it better than others?

The Bell Star Dlx Mips helmets are specially designed for the upright position. They have a unique shield called a Photo chromatic shield that helps in the visibility of the light. Also, the performance and the protection they provide to the rider are much better than others. The durability and comfort features also distinguishes them from other market helmets.

In-Depth: Bell Star DLX MIPS Helmet Review

The Bell Star Dlx Mips features and designs are different from other helmets on the market. They come with a special shield of photo chromatic that makes the dark light clearer, and when exposed to the sunlight, these helmets make it opaque. They are straightforward to be fitted into your head because of their foam. Additionally, The rider’s visibility is much more increased than in other helmets.

These and others are some striking features of the Bell Star Dlx Mips. Let’s discuss them one by one.

Photochromatic shield

There are two different types of shields used in motorcycle helmets. The first one is the tinted shield which protects you from the sunlight in the daytime. The other is called clear shields, which are used at night to help you see things at night. But The Bell Star Dlx Mips helmets have this unique shield that includes both of these shields simultaneously.

You do not have to change shields for the day and night. They automatically adjust themselves to the light. At night they clear the light protecting you from the sun’s rays during the day.


The Bell Star Dlx Mips helmets are designed in a way that they move during riding, and they stick to your head and cheeks. When you wear them, you will feel that they are small in size, but over time, the foams of the helmets can compress up to twenty percent. So after some time, these helmets will adjust to the structure of your body, and you will feel comfortable from then onwards.


The Bell Star Dlx Mips helmets come with a Panovision viewpoint that helps the rider see the maximum area in front of him. The vertical and the literal visibility increase with this. The total visibility enables you to see things better and ride more carefully and efficiently.


The Bell Star Dlx Mips helmets come with seven different vents which means its an exceptionally ventilated helmet. These are placed at various places on the helmets that help remove the hot air and enter the cold.

Comparing Pros & Cons


  • Photo chronic shield
  • High visibility
  • Comfortable
  • More durable
  • Aerodynamic


  • A bit expensive
  • The fitting can be a bit irritating at first

Why should you buy it?

If you are looking for a comfortable, lightweight, and durable helmet with other unique features like a chronic photo shield and a high visibility rate, you should buy the Bell Star Dlx Mips helmet. The photo chronic shield does not help protect you from sun rays, but it also makes the dark light clear to you at night. These helmets high a very high rate of visibility, thus reducing the rate of accidents dramatically.

They are more aerodynamic, and you would not feel suffocation in them. These are some fantastic features of The Bell Star Dlx Mips helmets.


We use helmets to protect us in an accident, save us from the sunlight rays, have a good ventilation system so that we do not feel suffocated, and have a better visibility area. Well, we hope you have find all your answers through this detailed Bell Star Dlx Mips helmet review. Happy Purchasing!

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