BELL BULLITT Helmet Review 2023 | Pros & Cons Included

Every motorcycle rider wants a strong and durable helmet for utmost protection. Motorcycle helmets are desirable equipment that safeguards the skull, facial bones, and cervical regions. Further, our head encloses the brain, which is our vital organ. Any damage to it can be detrimental to health. Hence, a rider yearns to have a superior quality helmet for protection. 

Bell Bullitt helmet is one of the most special helmets. What makes it even more renowned is that a college student designed this helmet. Chad Hodge made a helmet for himself. This customized helmet soon became popular among people. 

What makes it better than others?

Bell Bullitt helmet provides excellent protection to the rider. It safeguards the rider from any harm or risk. Moreover, it reduces the rate of mortality in motorcycle accidents. Bell Bullitt helmet’s interior lining provides a cushioning effect during bumpy rides. This way, one can say it’s a better choice to select a motorcycle helmet. 

In-depth Bell Bullitt Helmet Review

Bell Bullitt helmet is classical that carries all the salient characteristics of an ideal helmet. It is vital equipment that every rider desires. Bell Bullitt helmet has some notable features that make it an ideal choice.

External features and appearance

The faux-chrome trim encloses the helmet’s face-opening and the lower part. As a result, that winding gives a retro feeling due to color contrast. It is available in a variety of colors with some feeble mosaic patterns. Moreover, it has a triple carbon composite shell with a five-year warranty. These layers have multi-density EPS liners for formidable strength. 

Its outer shell is made from fiberglass, which gives the utmost strength and durability. On the contrary, it has a lightweight design that exerts no pressure on the rider. Sometimes, the rider’s neck gets stiffed due to heavy motorcycle helmets. However, the Bell Bullitt helmet has introduced a lightweight helmet. 

These round, oval-shaped helmets come in different sizes, ranging from XS to XXL. These lightweight helmets give a safe ride to their wearers. 


Bell Bullitt helmet has a single inlet at the chin covered by a mesh. However, these inlets can slide horizontally to any desired location. Additionally, on the forehead, it has four inlets for ventilation. This mesh ensures that any harmful substance doesn’t enter the helmet’s cavity. 


Bell Bullitt helmet has a large, round-shaped visor for a broader view. It permits the rider to have peripheral views. Although the visor is not an anti-fog, it provides an extra dark smoke shield. Instead of a Pinlock system, visors are adjusted with a magnetic Magnefusion closure system. This way, you can keep the visor in place with the help of a magnetic strap. 

Moreover, the wearer must remove a hinge plate with a screwdriver to remove the visor. These retro helmet visors are replaceable with a little effort. 


Bell Bullitt helmet incorporates genuine leather to accomplish the retro look. The liner is replaceable and washable. Additionally, it is an anti-bacterial fabric that doesn’t allow bacteria to grow. The helmet has a cheek pad to provide extra comfort for the rider. Further, it incorporates a D-ring closure system as an additional feature. 

The liner has an interior EPS and grooves for forehead air inlets. The helmet also has exhaust vents on its rare side. For convenience, the Bell Bullit helmet has speaker pockets for adjusting different devices. 

Secure and safe

Bell Bullitt helmet’s advisors had planned various road testing to evaluate its efficiency. After scrutinizing various appraisal tools, it is declared safe and secure for riding. Moreover, it has gained DOT and ECE certification for delivering security. 

Bell Bullitt helmets are ideal for those riders who prefer a vintage look. These helmets provide complete face protection and protect the rider from dirt, pollution, and other contaminants. Moreover, it shields the face and the skull against any hit or injury. 

Comparing Pros & Cons


  • DOT and ECE approved
  • Washable and anti-bacterial liner
  • A large and round visor
  • Available in a wide range of sizes


  • No pinlock system for visors
  • Not efficient enough in noise reduction

Why should you buy it?

Multiple reasons convince users to buy it. Bell Bullitt helmet external styling, interior lining, functioning, and all its features never fail to coax users. The most remarkable feature of the Bell Bullitt helmet is that DOT and ECE have approved it. Moreover, its interior lining provides a comfortable ride. 

Bell Bullitt helmet vintage looks fascinate users. Hence, its captivative colors are another compelling reason behind its buying. 


Bell Bullitt is a vintage helmet with impeccable style and attractive colors. It serves as a constant partner in every journey of a rider. Moreover, it ensures the rider’s safety due to its tough vault and fiberglass covering. Bell Bullitt helmet is a remarkable addition to the helmet series. 

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