Bell Broozer Helmet Review 2022| Specifications Explained

Every year new models of helmets are launched, each better than the following. Many features are added, such as a face shield, additional vents, and breathable liners, and nowadays, even Bluetooth is added.

However, inventive development plans assist riders with taking on their fantasy trails effortlessly; every one of the motorcyclists needs a helmet that can give them all facilities and comfort. 

The Bell Broozer helmets are attractive dark-colored, streetfighter style, permitting riders to speed through dinky mountains, extreme territories, and hazardous races with legitimate assurance and some of the best full-face motorcycle helmets in the market.

What makes this product better than others? 

There are multiple reasons why you should buy this helmet, for instance, bell bronzer always puts comfort first. The helmet comes with a completely removable liner, so you can whip it out and clean it.

There are ‘eyewear arm pockets’ installed into the liner. Also, they’ve added cushioning to the jawline tie, which is easy to clean and should make it comfortable down there as well. You can even survive the hot days thanks to rare air vents. 

The helmet is extremely lightweight, so weight shouldn’t be an issue. The helmet is comfortable in all ways, even with the jawline bar fitted, it weighs around 1.36kg (3lbs) which should make it comfortable to wear even after long days in the seat.

At last, Bell makes the Broozer helmets in 3 sizes. In addition to the fact that that is something worth being thankful for. In security terms, it implies that the size of the helmet will be all the more outwardly advanced and look more minimized on your head – so you don’t ride around seeming as though a bobblehead.

Detailed Review 

The Bell Broozer is indeed a unique helmet by the bell.  It is a sleek design that comes in dark colors. Undoubtedly the coolest helmet ever, along with comfort too. The Broozer is a secluded helmet with an appropriate, removable jaw bar intended to give real protection. 

So presently, you can look incredible on your bike in full-face mode or catch the breeze in open-face mode – all from the same helmet. Isn’t it Pleasant?

The helmet has other features as well, such as it is lightweight and coming in various sizes ranging from extra small to extra large. It contains thermoplastic. 


The helmet is built in a transitional form that allows any size head to fit securely without feeling constrained. The shell is made of a thermoplastic (PC/ABS) combination that makes the helmet stiff and damage-resistant.

The inclusion of thermoplastics also makes the Broozer extremely lightweight, allowing riders to enjoy their rides without feeling hemmed in by a tough outer.

Furthermore, the modular helmet’s shell is available in six different sizes ranging from xs to 2XL, allowing every biker to receive the best of both worlds by looking good and feeling safe on the inside.


The Bell Broozer displays a double confirmation on security, holding outstandingly high appraisals of DOT in US and ECE in Europe. What’s more, the particular helmet is additionally consistent with the US Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard 218.

The dual visor system assists riders with speeding through sandy tracks safeguarded against garbage flyaways. Additionally, as an afterthought, the single tick tabs eliminate the jawline bar effectively so riders can feel the breeze and inhale easily.

The inside of the Bell Broozer is likewise all around ventilated and cushioned for added well-being, security, and solace.

Why should you buy this product? 

The Bell Broozer may not offer many trend-setting innovations, yet it is a clear improvement among the fundamental helmet plans. Bell Broozer helmet is amongst the top Bluetooth Built-Ins helmets.

It includes a UV-guarded shield. The unmistakable defensive eye safeguard framework is additionally removable and can be traded with the colored visor, simultaneously adding to the smooth look and safeguarding against the sun’s frown.

The best advantage of the visor coordination is that it doesn’t lift the helmets like standard design and fits flush against the chin-bar, fixing up without leaving pockets of air space. The visors slide up/down utilizing little tabs given close to the forehead.

The double visors on the Bell Broozer are likewise designed with the NutraFog II framework making the eye safeguard against the haze. 

Comparing Pros & Cons


  • Durable
  • Safety features
  • Rear vents 
  • Lightweight 


  • It is expensive 


Bell has been on top all the time of their creation game regarding motorcycle helmets. Each plan send-off is an improvement of the past and executes every one of the rider’s necessities and patterns.

However, the Bell Broozer may not be their most component loaded; its smooth con helmet construction and fantastic fit with the removable jaw bar expansion make it one of their best momentary or separating helmets.